Văleni is placed
in a magical land

2015 Văleni – Romania
In 2015 I was invited by Baron Michael de Styrcea to work at his family estate at Văleni, in Romania, to help document the grounds and landscape, as well as the traditional methods of agriculture in the region. I arrived in Văleni for my first visit in May 2015 to work at the purpose built studio set in the grounds, among rolling hills, meadows and forests. The clear atmosphere of this rural area produced intense light and colours, a truly magical landscape. On the estate I worked mainly in the arboretum, where I discovered some magnificent trees, survivors from past centuries.
My work continued the follow year, when I was able to explore woodlands and visit several churches in the surrounding area. The Romanian paintings were included in the exhibition “The Soul of Landscape” at Galerie Leistmann in 2017.